Saving over 25% off Skullcandy Coupons

You can save over 25 percent off Skullcandy headphones with the coupon that is available  and still valid at Skullcandy Coupons.  I wrote about this deal about two weeks ago in my blog “Hot 20-25% off Skullcandy Coupon Codes“.   I thought I would check today to see if there were any new Skullcandy deals that have popped up and I did find a few new options, but the best Skullcandy coupon code are the ones at Skullcandy coupons.  It’s tough to make out the deals on what is on sale and what is not on sale because there are a couple of coupon codes posted.  The two big ones for up to 25% off and 20% off new Skullcandy headphones are both Konasports coupons.  Ironically enough if you happen to pick a pair of skullcandy headphones that are excluded from either the 20 or 25% off, you can use one of their generic $10 off $100+ or $15 off $150+ coupons at Konasports coupons to still save.  If you read my last blog it always seems to work out best by using the up to 25% off coupon code.  Bad news here is that this coupon ends today and so does the 20% off one.  For some reason the up to  25% off is actually always 25% from all the products that i tried, so don’t be wary because it says up to 25% off.  I added a pair of Skullcandy Aviator Headphones to my cart and used the 25% off coupon code.  The savings was $37.46 off of $149, which is the full 25% off.

Another great deal is that if Kona doesn’t have the pair your looking for, use the Skullcandy free shipping coupon and the under $100 coupons that are also at Skullcandy seems to be offering quite a few onsite deals and free shipping.  The selection of amazing skullcandy styles for under $100 is a pretty good selection and I think most people will find something that they want for under 100 bucks.  Since I spent so much time checking out the Konasports Skullcandy deals just now, I thought it was worth a mention that anyone looking for a deal on sports watches by the popular brands like Timex, G-Shck, Nixon and more they are 20% off with their latest coupon code at Konasports coupons.

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