Hot 20-25% off Skullcandy Coupon Codes

Check out latest 2013 Skullcandy Coupons for the latest 20 and 25% off Skullcandy Coupon codes.   This is a great deal, but there was real confusion on the coupons.  First off the 20 percent off coupon only applies to full priced skullcandy headphones, so if you are one the people that sent me a message about this coupon code not working it does.  Now the second coupon which looks like it was just posted is for savings of up to 25 percent off.  Ironically both coupons are Konasports Coupons, so this is where the confusion comes in.  Simple answer is to try both coupon codes.  I clicked used the 20% off Skullcandy coupon and just wrote down the “up to 25%” off coupon code, so that I didn’t have to go back.  The results of my test of both coupon codes is that they both work.  Try them both because I have no idea what the up to 25% means, but you see the savings in your shopping cart the second you hit apply promo code.  I added a pair of Skullcandy ICON 3 headphones that are $39.84 and a pair of Skullcandy Cursher Over-Ear Headphones that are $99.80.  Total is $139.64 for both pairs.  I used the 20% coupon code and saved $27.93 and when I used the up to 25% off coupon code the savings was $34.91.  Obviously go with the better savings but in this particular case I got the full 25% skullcandy savings.

Now if the selection that they are offering with one of these coupons is not up to your liking, try the free shipping coupon or the Under $100 coupon that is also posted.  There are lots of deals that are not mentioned that you will find if you use this coupon.  I personally recommend the 2013 Skullcandy Navigators if your looking for superior sound and great style in a set of headphones that won’t break the bank.  All Skullcandy deals mentioned are found at Skullcandy Coupons.

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