Finally Found some new Skullcandy Coupons

I have been searching and waiting for quite some time now and finally two new Skullcandy Coupons have been posted at Coupons.  The unfortunate thing about the whole situation is that one of them does not work, so lets start with that one.  It’s suppose to be an end of season sale for 25% off Hesh Headphones.  It does not work or maybe they are sold but it would have been a great deal.  Keep in mind that was 25 percent off Hesh not then new Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones, but the original.  They are great headphones and at 25 percent off they would have been a great deal.  If you are looking a deal on a pair of original Hesh Headphones try Skullcandy Hesh Deals.  Savings of 10 – 25 percent off is available but limited stock and models since they are last years models.

The second coupon works great and you end up saving 15 dollars off if your order is $75 or more and you get free shipping.   They have about 75 skullcandy products to choose from that include skullcandy accessories like iPhone cases,  Skullcandy Chops In-Ear Headphones, Skullcandy Aviators, Skullcandy lowrider headphones, Skullcandy Hesh, Skullcandy smoking buds, Skullcandy UpRock and a bunch more models.  They even have some 2011 models, which are really cheap and still popular.   If you do place an order here and you happen to not want a pair of headphones that cost at least $75, you will have to add something else to your cart to make your total $75 to get the $15 off.  I’ll keep you posted with new deals as I find them.  This $15 off deal is available at Coupons.

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