December 2013 Skullcandy coupon for 30% off extended

The December 2013 Skullcandy coupon for 30% off has just been extended at Skullcandy coupons.  This was originally a cyber Monday coupon that I blogged about, but it has been made available again.  I tested it and it works great and it includes Skullcandy free shipping on orders over $45.  Now I have to apologize because about a month ago  I wrote a blog for 20% off skullcandy coupon code which I received lots of messages about it not working.  I normally try all the coupons I mention in my blogs, so I’m not sure what happened with this one.  I tested this 30% off one twice, so it works for sure.  The selection of Skullcandy headphones is really good as well, so there is a good chance that you will find what your looking for and get a great Skullcandy deal.  30% off is big savings and with this kind of savings you can get a pair of Skullcandy Hesh 2.0 headphones for about $40.  Great for yourself and great for gifts.

Now before you order with the 30% off coupon, there is also a new coupon posted at Skullcandy coupons for their 12 days of Christmas sale.  Every day they are having a new Skullcandy item that is heavily discounted.  I think today is day 8 of their 12 days of Christmas sale.  All the other available skullcandy coupons that I found are mostly Skullcandy free shipping coupons.  The “30-60% off” skullcandy coupon in the list had a couple of good deals, but I still found the 30% off coupon the best deal.  If they don’t have the Skullcandy style at the 30% off, then I would give the 30-60 coupon a try.  I also had a chance to listen to the new Skullcandy Air Raid speaker dock at the local store this past weekend.  It sounds really good with amazing bass for such a small speaker.  It also connected very easily via Bluetooth to my iPhone.  Overall I was very impressed with it.  Not buying one because I don’t really need it, but if  I needed one I would probably be pretty happy with purchasing the new Skullcandy Air Raid Speaker Dock.

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