Best Skullcandy coupons for October

Top October 2013 Skullcandy coupons are available at Skullcandy Coupons.  It’s been over a month since I posted any new Skullcandy deals, with the last deal being a 20% off Skullcandy coupon code.  Well there are quite a few new Skullcandy deals to choose from including a current 20 percent off coupon on select skullcandy bundles.  There is also a free Skullcandy t-shirt promo that is going while supplies last and a pink headphone promotion.  The pink headphone promotion offers no discount, but they are donating 50% of all pink skullcandy headphones sold to the American Cancer Society for the entire month of October.  I hope they sell lots of pink headphones because 50% is a sizable donation to a very important cause!  The final Skullcandy coupon code at Skullcandy coupons that needs to be mentioned is the 15 percent off Skullcandy crushers headphones with Skullcandy free shipping included.

The Skullcandy crushers sell for $99 or $85 if you use the free coupon code and come in thre color options that include red, black and red/black/black.   These are are great headphones for under $100 and bring unbelievable sound and bass.  They are designed with two sub-woofers and crisp sound.  They were a huge hit at the 2013 CES show.  The Skullcandy Crusher uses Rex40 driver for super powerful but smooth base and Sensation55 bass driver extension.  These technologies don’t really need to mean anything to you, other then the fact that you will get powerful and realistic bass that you feel.  You also get minimal distortion and smooth sound.  Bottom line is they sound great and don’t cost you a arm and a leg either.  The Crusher also has built in amplifiers that are hidden in the ear cup, so no more in line amplifier to get in your way.  They require a AA battery but it has smart circuitry that automatically controls on the on and off with no power switch.  It hears music it turns on, no music goes off.  It doesn’t get easier and more power efficient then that.  Last thing is that you can control the bass with the bass sensation slider that is located on the left ear cup.  Just slide to the leve you want or turn the power boost bass right off and enjoy the top notch REX40 acoustics.  Cable is fully detachable and it has a inline mic1 remote.  That pretty much covers all the features of the Skullcandy Crusher headphones.  It’s a must have and the best bang for your buck at under a $100 in my opinion with the Skullcandy Crusher Coupon.




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