About SkullCandy

Skullcandy is a fairly new company in the headphones space.  The company was founded by Rick Alden in 2003 and their first product “Skullcandy Portable Link” was introduced at the popular Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Vegas.  Skullcandy’s LINK system put together headphones and hands free cellular technology and it let users listen to their music and still make and receive calls through their cell phones.

Skullcandy has since focused it’s efforts into producing thte best sounding headphones and other audio accessories with the coolest styles and fashion trending designs.  In 2008 Fortune Magazine named the Skullcandy  “World’s Coolest ear bud”.  Their headphone products include in the ear headphones, over the ear headphones, on the ear headphones and most recently Skullcandy gaming headphones.

Skullcandy offer the tremendous designs in it’s headphones and has several pro athletes and music stars endorsing their product.  Skullcandy has worked with several athletes to produce and release Skullcandy signature headphones.  Popular athletes include Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and Terje Hakonsen to name a few.  They have also collaborated with Jaz Z to design their Roc Nation Aviator Headphones collection and with Superstar Rapper Snoop Dogg to produce two Skullcrushers themed designs headphones. Skullcandy also recently collaborated with Metallica for the bands 9th album release of “Death Magnetic” and produce two versions of limited edition themed headphones based on their Hesh and low rider model headphones.  Also included in the deal was an access code card for download of Metallica’s latest album from Warner Brothers.

Skullcandy has turned headphones into a must have fashion apparel by blending the highest sound quality earphones with the latest fashion trends. Skullcandy’s current offering includes Mix Master, Aviator, Hesh 2, Skull crushers and Agent Over ear Headphones.  For On Ear Headphones they offer Cassette and Uprock.  Skullcandy Earbuds include the popular 50/50, Fix, Heavy Medal, Smokin Buds and the super popular Ink’d 2 earbuds.

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