40% off Skullcandy Coupon

New Nov Skullcandy coupon code for 40% off just posted at Skullcandy coupons.  Until December 1 save 40% off Skullcandy Navigator with the coupon code and it inclusive is Skullcandy free shipping.  After the 40% off you end up paying $59.99 for a Skullcandy Black with Mic 1.  It appears that this coupon code is only valid on the Skullcandy Navigator Black.  This is an amazing deal.  The Skullcandy Navigator offers amazing sound and it comes with a Skullcandy Lifetime warranty.  For the price range of under $60, you won’t find too many, if any headphones of this quality at this price.

Also now available is the skullcandy Air Raid bluetooth portable speakers.  The Skull candy Air Raid is $150 and it’s a rugged as they come.  The new Air Raid has two 50mm drivers and the battery holds a charge for up to 4 hours of use.  It will stand up to anything and if fully drop proof, beach proof and weather proof.  It’s shielded with a stainless steel faceplate and has removable silicone boot for even more protection.  You get superior sound quality and it delivers 50% more sound volume with clarity than the competition.  This is great for the beach and outdoors, with zero worries about weather or anything else.  It’s a seamless integration and the Air Raid allows for two Bluetooth enabled devices to simultaneous  connect for smooth transition between audio sources.  As for distance you get up to 10 meters, which is a huge distance for range.  The Air Raid is going to be a must have for anyone that’s spends anytime outdoors for any reason.  It’s competitors are the Jambox and Beats Pill.  It’s 200 louder than the Jambox and it’s 33% louder than the Beats Pill.  It’s $50 cheaper than both.  The Skullcandy Air Raid seems to be a hot item since it launched.  I was looking for a better Skullcandy Air Raid coupon, besides the free shipping deal at Skullcandy coupons and most of the places I checked are sold out.  This includes at Amazon.com which I though I would find a better deal for sure.  It’s the best portable bluetooth speaker I have seen and it’s well priced.  It will last you years and years the way it’s built.

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